Road Closures

Effective April 1st until May 30th, 2021 or until weather permits. All summer roads will be closed to traffic until mud season is over, this occurs in mid May or later. This is the time of year when dirt roads are soft, traffic on these roads will cause costly damage. All summer roads are off limits to traffic until they dry up. Some of these roads have been posted, anyone found to violate this notice will be liable for the damage they cause.

Posted Weight Limit Notices in effect on the following roads and bridge. Omar Dumond Bridge/Road and Edmond Ouellette Road. Logging trucks are not allowed on these roads without a permit. Permits are required for logging trucks and vehicle that exceed 23,000 lbs . Permits that are granted will require a bond that will cover damage caused to the roadway. Some vehicles are exempt. Contact Cyr Plantation Road Commissioners for detailed information. Please Note that Violations will be enforced.