Road Closures: Mud Season begins April 1st and lasts until ALL back roads have dried up. Weather permitting this may last into the month of May. Barriers will be put up to warn the public about the closure, moving these barriers is against the law and will be monitored. Fines will be imposed to anyone who is seen moving these barriers or crossing to gain access to these closed roads. Mud season is a time when severe damage occurs from traffic on soft roadways. Our community has a limited budget to make repairs and poses a financial burden to our taxpayers. We are asking the public to please respect these postings.

Council Meetings

Our next council meeting is May 11th. Meetings are held every second Tuesday of the month. Anyone wanting to discuss matters with the board must contact the 1st assessor to be placed on the agenda. Email:

Historical School Tours: We will be open for free tours of our historical school starting the weekend of the 4th of July and ending labor day weekend in Sept. The public is welcome to stop in. Hrs will be posted as we approach the date. A new addition to our library is a book created on the history of our current residents called “Home Town Memories” the book along with other memorabilia will be available to view during the summer months when we are open for free tour visits.

A Bulletin Board is available inside the lobby of the school is available should you need to leave us a note. Public information is also posted there.