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Historic School House serves as our gathering place for meetings and elections

Cyr Plantation, a small town with Acadian Heritage

Cyr Plantation is a small, peaceful community just 3 miles south of Van Buren, Maine which borders New Brunswick Canada.

It was organized as a Plantation on March 12th, 1870 and named after the numerous Cyr’s who lived in the area, including Andre Cyr and his father Christopher who were the first Cyr’s in the Plantation.

It’s a full township with an area of approximately 38 square miles. It is situated in the Northeastern part of Aroostook County. Early settlers moved to what would become Cyr Plantation then known as Township Letter L. Around that time, a road was built between the Aroostook River and Grand Falls, New Brunswick, Canada (which today stretches between Caribou, Maine and Hamlin, Maine). Many early in inhabitants obtained grants to lots near the road and Hammond Brook to farm the land.

Its population is approximately 84. Many of the established homesteads are still occupied by the original owners that dates back to the early 1950’s.

Potato Farming remains the predominate industry; other crops grown here include carrots, wheat, oats, beets and the famous blue potato owned by Lajoie Growers, a generational family owned company.

Due to the size of the community along with budget restrictions, there is no Town office available. Services are offered by elected officials who conduct business from their home office on a part time basis. Some of our services are provided locally while others such as fire protection and ambulance services are contracted out to Van Buren our neighboring town.

The Plantation is governed by a board of 3 Selectman. The selectman meet monthly for a council meeting along with the Treasurer and the Town Clerk. Council meetings are held at the Plantation’s Historical Gov. Brann School House.  The small historical School serves as the only public building in the township and is used to hold all meetings and elections.


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Beautiful presentation of our town we call home.
Thank you for the wonderful and hard work Linda.

I would love more photos of Cyr plantation. My Grandmother is Carol Cyr and her father and their fathers were born there. I was never told about my history and I think is important to give my children their history. Thank you.

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